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We are a highly regarded oil painting studio located in Xiamen, China, a city renowned for international artistry. Our company specializes in meticulous recreations of 17th, 18th, and 19th century masterpieces. Our talented painters can capture the style and spirit of famous artists with museum-quality results at reasonable prices.

We offer a broad selection of fine art eras and subjects, including Renaissance, Baroque, Academic Classicism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism paintings. Our themes encompass portraits, figures, landscapes, animals, architecture, religion, and more.

In addition to reproductions, we also create custom oil paintings from photographs. We can transform any photo you provide into a high-quality painted portrait of you or your loved ones. We collaborate with skilled contemporary Chinese artists to make their original works available for purchase too. If you're interested in one of their existing pieces and want modifications, we can arrange for the same artist to paint a tailored version based on your preferences.

In short, we provide museum-caliber, hand-painted fine art reproductions, photo to painting services, and original contemporary Chinese artworks at fair prices. Please contact us if we can create a custom fine art painting for you!